Yesterday we had a visitor in our RV site at Noxubee Refuge. A caterpillar had just metamorphed into something winged. What would it be? Butterfly or moth? Sure. We could just wait and see. But that requires patience. And knowledge to be sure. Instead we whisked it off to the Visitor Center for some professional assistance. Continue reading

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Fridge Fix

The RV fridge needed attention. In gas mode the burner would not stay lit. Once opened for investigation the problem cause was apparent. The burner was obstructed. Continue reading

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Gotta love this video. Continue reading

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Rain Delay

We got more winter rain here in MS. Almost two inches in twenty four hours. Bluff Lake is spilling again. Local creeks are swollen. That’s good for Noxubee Refuge, which is all about wetlands for wildlife. For my building project, however, not so much. Continue reading

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Maybe it’s a midlife crisis crossroads thing. You know. Reach a certain point. Finally get particular aspects sorted out. Cut out of your life what only zaps your happiness. Refocus on what you get a charge from doing. Maybe it’s all about energy. Positive and negative. Striking the right balance. For some people Continue reading

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What did you do last summer? I volunteered at Rocky Mountain National Park. My main gig was interpretation. Connecting park resources to visitors. Playing tour guide at the historic site. Sharing stories and bringing the past to life. Working at the visitor center. Advising hikers about different trails and conditions. Roving trails to Continue reading

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