What did you do last summer? I volunteered at Rocky Mountain National Park. My main gig was interpretation. Connecting park resources to visitors. Playing tour guide at the historic site. Sharing stories and bringing the past to life. Working at the visitor center. Advising hikers about different trails and conditions. Roving trails to Continue reading

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Off the radar

In case you wondered why the long silence on this blog, it’s simple. It broke early this year. Images stopped displaying. I don’t know why. Fixing it hasn’t been a priority to me. That said I’m sincerely touched by a number of subscribers who’ve connected with me privately to see how I’m doing. Continue reading

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Rain (really)

Here’s a quick slice of winter life in a desert campground during during some rare but welcome rain. Continue reading

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Control links

Last winter I just rode Half Pint around Death Valley. The Tundra wasn’t even unhitched from the Scamp! This winter I’ve used Blacky a lot more to explore the park. A climate controlled cab with comfy seats was a major plus. The 4WD came in handy on jeep roads.

At 12 years and 105k miles my truck is just about broke in. Apparently it was due for a minor break down. Continue reading

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Striped Butte

Further up Warm Springs Canyon from the Warm Spring Camp lies Striped Butte. Continue reading

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Warm Spring Camp

In the last post we started up into Warm Springs Canyon. The next stop was Warm Spring Camp. Back in its heyday it was a resort of sorts. Continue reading

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